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Dahmer Crew Member Says Netflix Trailer ‘Gave Me PTSD’

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Production assistant Kim Alsup won’t watch Netflix Dahmer — Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. “I feel like it’s going to bring back too many memories of working on it,” she explained. to the Angels Times. “I don’t want to have these kinds of PTSD situations. The trailer itself gave me PTSD.” In fact, her reaction to her trailer led her to write a now viral cheep in which she claimed that she was “treated horribly” on set and was constantly being mistaken for the other black crew member working on dahmer Alsup told the Times that his overall experience on the production about the real-life serial killer was “exhausting”, claiming that the lack of mental health coordinators helped foster an unsupportive work environment. (A Netflix spokesperson refuted this, telling the Times that the team has access to a licensed therapist and other health and wellness resources). “It was one of the worst shows I’ve ever worked on,” reflected Alsup, who has credits in inventing ana, dear white people, other Grey’s Anatomy. For some, the final product has also been difficult to see. Family members of the Dahmer murder victims, for example, to have criticized the show to profit from the tragedy. “It’s re-traumatizing over and over again, and for what?” a relative tweeted. “How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?”


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